Dr. Madsen Pirie · June 11, There is an old, instructive, Chinese proverb that tells us: “Never criticize a man until you have walked a mile. Madsen Pirie is President of the Adam Smith Institute and author of numerous books including Boost Your IQ and The Sherlock Holmes IQ Book. He was. Few terms in politics are more contentious than ‘neoliberal’. Yet for Madsen Pirie, this is all part of the fun. Indeed, it’s an issue on which he has.

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Yet for Madsen Pirie, this is all part of the fun. This has not by any means gone without criticism.

Indeed, I caught up with Pirie after his participation in a fiery Cambridge Union debate: Was it political or economic? Pro- or anti-state intervention?


Generically capitalist, or something else entirely? For Pirie, such ambiguity offers an opportunity: History is full of people taking such an insult, and making it a proud self-declared name. But why now — what in the political climate has changed to make such a strong self-assertion necessary?

Still, I wondered whether such a reliance on facts and statistics was itself part of the problem. Can the entirety piroe human experience really be summed up in GDP figures?

Pirie is no stranger to questions of method: I probe him on whether there is a lack of it in pigie public life: I could just sit down in Parliament and every day see another logical fallacy. At this point, a Union officer who has been patiently sitting by interjects: I ask him about Brexit: He responds with a casual insouciance: UCU members speak out about the deteriorating higher education system. Finally, what of the relationship pieie neoliberalism and democracy?

Controversially, Pirie does not deny this: Saturday June 30 The year in news 30 December Sponsored links Limo hire.


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