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What was needed to change the bravery of Caius Julius, Seneca, or Petronius into cowardice or faintheartedness?

La Mettrie, L’homme machine

After this, let a vain people think otherwise, let them dare affirm that even probity is at stake in not believing in revelation, in a word that mettroe religion than that of nature is necessary, whatever it may be.

And, heavens, what efforts have not been made by certain philosophers to manage to prove this! As each drop of sperm contains an infinite number of these tiny spermatozoids, once cast into the ovaries only the most adroit or the most vigorous have the force to insinuate themselves into and implant themselves in machin egg furnished by the woman, and macyine provides it with its initial nourishment.

He who has discovered the art of adorning the most beautiful of kingdoms [of nature], and of giving it perfections that it did not have, should be ranked above an idle creator of frivolous systems, or a painstaking author of sterile discoveries.

L’homme machine;

Nature has created us all solely to be happy — yes, all of us from the crawling worm to the eagle lost in the clouds. Paradox of hedonism Hedonic treadmill. But, to follow almost exactly the thought of the author of the Lettres sur la Physiognomie, the sex which unites the charms of the mind and of the body with almost all the tenderest and most delicate feelings of the heart, should not envy us the two capacities which seem to have been given to man, the one merely to enable him better to fathom the allurements of beauty, and the other merely to enable him to minister better to its pleasure.

All ears hommme so mathematically made, that they tend equally to one and the same end, namely hearing. I will add an observation that I have nowhere seen, which is that the amnios is no thinner for being prodigiously stretched, similar in this to the womb, whose very substance swells up with juices infiltrated independently of the repletion and its deployment of its vascular machibe. They prove at least the necessity for a good and vigorous physical organization, since throughout the animal kingdom the soul gains force with the body and acquires keenness, as the body gains strength.

Once more, yes; since thought visibly develops with our organs, why should not the matter of which they are composed be susceptible of remorse also, when once bomme has acquired, with time, the faculty of feeling? They would escape the eyes gomme a lynx and of an argus.


Not at all; rather from the commerce and the kind of mahine of these muscles with the imagination. Since they can grasp nothing they can no more judge of the mechanism of the formation and development of bodies al a mole can of the path a stag can run.

There he also expressed his belief ll humans mtetrie like a machine. There is in this but a first mechanism excited by the bene placitum of the ancients, or by the image of beauty, which excites another which had been profoundly sleeping when the imagination awakened it.

An Intellectual Mertrie of Psychology 3 ed. To destroy the hypothesis of Stahl, we need not make as great an effort as I find that others have done before me. Soon after he began suffering from a severe fever and eventually died. What do we see? Now how shall we define natural law? Uomme, the well-known antidote for wine, by scourging the imagination, cures our headaches and scatters mettie cares without laying up for us, as wine does, other headaches for the morrow.

Look at the portrait of the famous Pope who is, to say the least, the Voltaire of the English. This fever produces a greater filtration of spirits, which mechanically animate the muscles and the heart, as if they had been sent there by order of the will.

This oscillation, which is natural or suited to our machine, and with which each fibre and even each fibrous element, so to speak, seems to be endowed, like that of a pendulum, cannot keep up forever.

They have taken for granted two distinct substances in man, as if they had seen them, and positively counted them.

If there were not an internal cord which pulled the external ones, whence would come all these phenomena? Without the precepts of hygiene, Epictetus, Socrates, Plato, and the rest preach in vain: But if the brain is at the same time well organized and well educated, it is a fertile soil, well sown, that brings forth a hundredfold what it has received: The Voltaire Foundation L’homme Machine is a work of materialist philosophy by the 18th-century French physician and philosopher Julien Offray de La Mettriefirst published in There is ferocity in our species as well as in theirs.

A Study in the Origins of an Idea. What flexibility, what lightness in his fingers! It was in these years, during an attack of feverthat he made observations on himself with reference to the action of quickened blood circulation upon thought, which led him to the conclusion that mental processes were to be accounted for as the effects of organic changes in the brain and nervous system.

A geometrician has learned to perform the most difficult demonstrations and calculations, as a monkey has learned to take his little hat off and on, and to mount his tame dog. The whole animal kingdom in general would be deprived of it. I believe that thought is so little incompatible with organized matter, that it seems to be one of its properties on a par with electricity, the faculty of motion, impenetrability, extension, etc.


I mean to say, by having expressed themselves badly in obscure and meaningless terms. Now, I believe and admit that these wretches do not for the most part feel at the time the enormity of their actions. But all of this is far beyond the grasp of the most excellent observers.

Perhaps there even are animal plants, which in vegetating, either fight as polyps do, or perform other functions characteristic of animals. This savagery creates in the soul, pride, hatred, scorn of other nations, indocility and other sentiments which degrade the character, just as heavy food makes a dull and heavy mind whose usual traits are laziness and indolence.

The motive principle of the whole body, and even of its parts cut in pieces, is such that it produces not irregular movements, as some have thought, but very regular ones, in warm blooded and perfect animals as well as in cold and imperfect ones.

For it is ridiculous to suggest that, hhomme these stupors, the soul keeps on thinking, even though it does not remember the ideas that it has had. Request removal from index. Why does the sight, or even the idea of a beautiful woman cause in us singular desires?

Whatever the virtue may be, from whatever source it may come, it is worthy of esteem; the only question is, how to estimate it.

So great was the outcry caused by its publication that La Mettrie was forced to quit his position with the French Guards, taking refuge in Leiden. To distrust the knowledge that can be drawn from the study of animated bodies, is to regard nature and revelation as two contraries which destroy each other, and consequently to dare uphold the absurd doctrine, that God contradicts Himself in His various works and deceives us.

This is a kind of harmony that philosophers will never know. It is no more necessary to be just as great a physiognomist as this author, in order to guess the quality of the mind from the countenance or the shape of the features, provided these are sufficiently marked, than it is necessary to be a great doctor to recognize a disease accompanied by all it marked symptoms.

The soul would long never to emerge from it. Such an assertion is wretched and pitiable; and so is the good opinion which each one gives us of the religion he has embraced! Does the result of jaundice surprise you? Adieu then to all that fine knowledge, acquired at so high a price, and with so much trouble!

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