The Khaksar Movement was a paramilitary organization, which was introduced by Allama Inayatullah Mashriqi in a chaotic situation of the. Allama Inayatullah Khan Mashriqi founded the Khaksar Movement, aiming to advance the condition of the masses irrespective of any faith, sect. Khaksar Movement in British India. K likes. “Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Untouchables, Christians of the Frontier Province have witnessed with their own.. .

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Khaksar tehreek soon began to shrink and gradually lost its popularity. History of the Khaksar Movement in India, — Ads help cover our server costs.

The Khaksar Movement – Lahore | Rediscovering City History

Allama Mashriqi disbanded the Khaksar Tehrik on 4 July considering that the Muslims of India were more than satisfied after the newly revived hope of a new separate Muslim state i. Mashriqi had said in that the Khaksar movement had three distinct objectives; “to emphasize the idea of superiority of God, unity of the nation and service to mankind”.

They were seen drilling and parading in playgrounds, streets and neighborhoods wearing khaki uniforms with spades on their shoulders.

Retrieved from ” https: However the success of Muslim rule in India necessitated certain conditions, such as: Mashriqi who was kept in jail without any legal proceedings had fasted to the point of death in order to obtain his release and that of his followers. On 4 Octoberafter the commencement of the Second world warMashriqui, who was then in Lucknow jail, offered to increase the size of the organisation to help with the war effort.

Drilling and parading in playgrounds, streets and neighborhoods Khaksars were seen clad in khaki uniform with spades upon their shoulders.

It is complimentary to the other chronologies already published by the editor and should be used in conjunction with those works: He was entitled to remove any member from the organization while there was no way to remove him. It is one of the most comprehensive and important pieces that the editor has published on Mashraqi and his parties. However, the news was leaked out and Mashriqi along with hkaksar many Khaksars had to be released khaksqr January 19, but his movements were movemrnt restricted to Madras.


Yousaf, Mashraqi’s grandson, has been carrying on for over a decade. Allama Mashriqi and some of his followers spent much time in British government’s jails. At this point, its aims were to establish self-rule in India.

The Khaksar Movement was a paramilitary organization, which was introduced by Allama Inayatullah Mashriqi in a chaotic situation of the political atmosphere of India. The emphasis was on the brotherhood of mankind and being inclusive for all people. Retrieved 20 January A closer re-examination of the facts, however, khaksad a complex picture of the partition episode. In protest, he had fasted to the point of death. Two Legends of Pakistan “Books available at: Log In Sign Up.

Khaksar Movement

He remained interned until 28 December The flag of the Khaksars is a modified Ottoman symbol; a crescent moon and a star on a red background. All sales of our Print Version support our online open access mission.

After serving for about 17 years in the education department, inhe proceeded to movejent a movement to transform the Muslims into well-organized and disciplined force. Therefore he [Azad] stayed with him [Khan Ata] for five years and was part of the editorial team of the…Vakil. The final show of Khaksar was against Muslim League council session in June at Imperial Hotel Delhi to occupy the floor and to use force to reject the partition plan. Khksar suffering almost to the point of death that I had to face at the hands of the political tyrants, has not movenent in vain and I am happy that truth and righteousness have at last won a battle like of which has, perhaps seldom happened in the history of the defeat of evil.

Yet they could neither suppress the Khaksar Movement nor the spirit of freedom which Al-Islah khaksa infused throughout the nation. History of Pakistan timeline: He offered a force of 30, well-drilled soldiers for the internal defence of India10, for the policeand 10, to provide help for Turkey or to fight on European soil.

Causes of Khakszr Mutiny of From Kuaksar, the free encyclopedia. It was assumed to be a social-reformist movement, which had to deal with the objectives set by its founder. On 14 MarchAllama Mashriqi again addressed a camp of Khaksars at Lahore to further clarify the fourteen points that became the foundation of the movement. The views expressed by the writer are purely their own and do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of Story Of Pakistan.


Remember me on this computer. There are different opinions about the Khaksar Movement and its followers called ‘Khaksars’. Over time, this view has This was called the ‘Khaksar massacre of ‘. Book retailers such as: The Khaksars meaning ‘humble persons’ used to wear Khaki khaksad light brown uniforms and mpvement spades all the time.

But later on, it started again. Moreover, evidence substantiates that there was an intriguing alliance which was one of the key forces that ultimately led to partition. It is said that in the session in which the Pakistan Resolution was passed by the Muslim League, a condolence resolution was also presented.

Khaksars – Wikipedia

The membership khaksad open to everyone with no membership fee irrespective of any caste, color or creed. Skip to main content.

This piece argues that the British would not even have spoken to Indian leaders or thought of transferring power, and the emergence of Pakistan and India could not have been envisioned, unless the rulers understood the grave threat posed to their rule by this awakening brought on by Al-Islah and the Khaksar Movement.


While the two-nation theory certainly had its share of supporters, what seems to have been overlooked by many is that there was a tremendous amount of opposition to the division of India.

Some conservative Sunni Muslims in India and Pakistan believe it was a movement to help reform Islam and guide Muslims to a better life. Retrieved 19 January The movement attracted many Indian Muslims before the partition but after the division it lost its sympathizers due to the failure of party program and its ideology. He was entitled to remove any movement member from the organization while there was no procedure to remove him.

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