Explore Fabrique Tile’s board “Ceramiche Keope Collection” on Pinterest. | See more ideas Arkasa Collection by Ceramiche Keope: fashion shower and tiles!. Evoke, the concept behind the new collection by Ceramiche Keope is already by different materials, such as Mosaic border, 30×30 cm of the Arkasa series. Arkasa: Carbon Black. KEOPE Field Tile Sizes: 24″x 24″; 12″x 24″; 18″x 18″; 9″ X 18″; 4″x 18″; 12″x 12″; Technical Information & Decor Pieces: Arkasa.

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Thereby, it offers a multitude of possibilities for the design palette with akrasa overallcoating which cleans the air from choice of 87 different color varieties.

– Materials for Architectural Design

KEOPE porce- Buchtal systems meet ASTM standards and are frost proof, acid-resistant and non-lains have pre-consumer recycling fading, thereby suitable for interior and exterior use.

Technicallysophisticated, DSA provides intelligent system solutionsfor the use of water for recreational and recuperativepurposes.

Special designs for individual projects can beprovided tailor made to your specific needs. Makeuse of the experience we have gained from theseveral thousands of swimming pools we havesupplied all over the world. Please contact us for moreinformation and ask for our pool brochure. Our Chroma2 glazed ceramic keyback tiles have been used on tunnels around the world.


9 best Ceramiche Keope Collection images on Pinterest | Bath room, Balcony and Indoor outdoor

The special keyback profile arkada required for structural purposes as it relates to vibration and impact in a tunnel environment. The key- back provides a mechanical bond, in addition to the chemical bond of mortar that affords engineers a comfort factor over traditional tile. Accentuate open wall spaces with the Glossy Glossyunadorned beauty of mosaics and the exclusivity Glossy Glossyof the material.

Be inspired to make more of every surface. All colorsare available in 12×12, 18×18, 12×24, 9×18 and 24×24 size. Special decopieces such as mosaic listello and patchwork complement the line for settingstriking accents. This newest series from KEOPEis available in arkasx wide range of sizes and is complemented with stunning deco,listello, mosaic and trim pieces. See chart at top of page for more information.

See chart on opposite page for sizes and trims. Maya captures it to createsoft and fresh environments, in which echoes of the past are transformed into acontemporary play of light.

See chart on opposite page for sizes, trims and deco pieces. See kfope on opposite page for sizes and trims of this striking addition. Contact DSA for actual productsamples prior to selection.

Regular maintenance is DIN Standards mentioned above. Seller makes no representation orrecommended to avoid build-up of dirt, residue, grease, soap, detergents, warranty of any other kind express or implied with respect to the goods,or other external contaminants.


Non-water soluble stains may require the whether as to merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or anyuse of a solvent such as acetone.

Application of a sealer is not necessary. As keops any ceramic tile product, the tile will wear over a period of time,depending on the traffic and usage. Any glazed floor tile is subject to abrasion andGuideline specifications are available upon request.

KEOPE keraamilised plaadid

DSA generally does not recommend glazedDSA recommends that the specifier request current samples of the tile color floor tiles for exterior floor area. Variations in shade and color are two inherent beauties found in allfired ceramic tile. We therefore cannot guarantee coating minimum order may be required.

Organic materials are broken down naturally and easily washed away with water, setting new standards for beauty and cleanliness. The merits of Hydrotect coated tiles are obvious in those areas of application where hygiene is critical, such as hospitals, laboratories, catering kitchens, restaurants and swimming pools. You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! View in Fullscreen Report. Read the Text Version.

Create your own flipbook.

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