La légende raconte qu’à Bagdad la magnifique, un grand vizir répondant au nom d’Iznogoud, particulièrement mal intentionné, cultive. Bibliographie dans Pilote de la BD Calife Haroun el Poussah. Le calife Haroun el Poussah et le grand vizir Iznogoud dans Pilote. à retrouver vos BD Iznogoud sur le WEB 45, RC 2p, Les retours d’Iznogoud ou comment le grand vizir, après avoir été rivé, est arrivé, loin de la rive, à ne.

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However, the traps fail to work as planned, and eventually Iznogoud and Adulahf end up stuck in jznogoud pit with a tiger while the Sultan returns home. In search of an art teacher, he meets Tabary, renamed “Tabary El-Retard”.

Iznogoud fetches a thief from the local jail to steal the sceptre.

Iznogoud – Wikipedia

Iznogoud purchases a Chippendale styled magic Hideaway Bed hoping to make the Sultan vanish, but the plan is interrupted by a visit from a foreign ambassador and a drink of Turkish coffee. Iznogoud meets a prince who has been transformed into a frog; if a human kisses the frog, the frog is restored to zinogoud form while the kisser becomes a frog, while if gd frog kisses a human, the human becomes a frog and the frog doesn’t change.

His greatest iznogpud is to replace the Caliph or Sultan of Baghdad Haroun El Plassidleading him to repeatedly utter the phrase “I want to be Caliph instead of the Caliph”, a phrase that has been adopted in the French language to indicate overly ambitious people.

But as the fight begins, the Sultan unwittingly breaks a transformation spell on the porter, revealing “him” to be the long lost daughter of Sultan Streetcar, who is furious to discover that Iznogoud nearly got his daughter executed.

A magician shows Iznogoud a magic bowl; when two people iznoboud from it, they switch bodies. Iznogoud accompanies the Sultan on a visit to Sultan Streetcar trying to start a scandal.

No current Talk conversations about this book. Archived from the original on 26 January The Iznogoud comics were translated into English in the s.


Iznogoud decides to make his pupil’s life miserable so that he will complain to his father, who in turn will wage a war that will depose inzogoud Sultan. The fly escapes and ends up as the Sultan’s pet. Iznogoud convinces the Sultan to join him in a picnic in hopes the Sultan will dehydrate.

Iznogoud drags the Sultan on a vacation to a seaside resort, where he tries various ways to get rid bdd him: The vizier asks it how to become Sultan instead of the Sultan, while trying to delay the signing of a marriage contract between the Sultan’s 37th son and Sultan Streetcar’s 42nd daughter until he can get an answer. Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you’ll like this book.

March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Inevitably, Iznogoud’s attempts to get one of the Sultan’s hairs all fail, and it is his own hair that ends up in the doll when it is thrown high into the air and falls to the ground.

Iznogoud sur le WEB

There are occasionally “behind-the-scenes” moments, as when Iznogoud travels in a country in a mirror, and all is reversed, including text in balloons. On Nuts’ Day, authorities and servants switch places, meaning Iznogoud izongoud Sultan for a day, but his attempts to make the change permanent by enlisting help from a genie, Sultan Streetcar, and the local people all fail, and when the day ends, he is arrested as a runaway slave.

Hundreds of people show up claiming to be the Sultan’s child, and the Sultan adopts them all and ruins Iznogoud’s plan. However, Pullmankar never gets angry with the caliph, only with Iznogoud. Information from the Spanish Common Knowledge. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, a series of incidents reduces the amount of water available to a thimbleful, which Iznogoud touches when he prepares to mend a tear in his clothes.

Become a LibraryThing Author. Iznogoud encounters an apprentice fairy and asks her to use her magic to turn him into the Sultan. De Giallo, tired of waiting for his payment, convinces Iznogoud he’s a deaf rattlesnake, so that clapping can’t snap him out of it.

They give to Iznogoud a fly that stings its victim to a long sleep. Iznogoud uses the bowl to switch bodies ixnogoud the Sultan, whom he promptly imprisons, but his tyrannical rule leads him to be overthrown and replaced by the grand vizier the Sultan in Iznogoud’s body. The Sultan lets his first cup go cold and blows on his second cup to cool it, so that when he and Iznogoud are set upon iznogoux bandits, it only remains hot for long enough for the Sultan to float away back to the palace, while the hiccuping vizier is captured.

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Iznogoud gets trapped along with Adulahf with no way out, while the Sultan is able to escape through a second poster unnoticed by Iznogoud.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Notably, the character has also made his mark on French popular culture and public life. Other recurring characters include Sultan Pullmankar Sultan Streetcar in Englishthe Caliph’s neighbour who is described as a touchy man with a powerful army. A Japanese tourist sells Iznogoud a magic camera that traps people and things in its photographs. Iznogoud gets the Sultan to kiss the transformed prince, who then tries to take over the throne himself, but Iznogoud thwarts his plan by getting himself and the prince turned into frogs.

Unfortunately, the drawing needs to be realistic, and Iznogoud is a poor artist. The thief leaves Iznogoud and Adulahf trapped in the chamber, unable to remember the password to get out.

During the visit of an African king, Iznogoud buys a voodoo doll from the king’s sorcerer that requires a hair of the intended victim to work.

Project Gutenberg 0 editions. The publisher Cinebook Ltd is currently publishing English language translations of the books in the Iznogoud series.

Tout GoscinnyIznogoud iznogojd. Inevitably, Iznogoud ends up wearing the hat himself and going insane. The plan ultimately fails when it rains.

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