Example that explains how to rename a field. Files: When renaming a field, you need to respect the existing hierarchy. */ package. iText PDF, learn how to make a fillable PDF, create a form, fill out and flatten a form. They are usually added on top of the existing content. . box or list field), buttons (push buttons, check boxes and radio buttons), and signature fields. Gets a template layer to create a signature appearance. Gets a new signature field name that doesn’t clash with any existing name.

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If you create new signature field either use setFieldName java.

String with the name that doesn’t exist in the document or don’t specify it at all then the signature is invisible by default. If you sign already existing field, then the signature appearance object is modified to have all the properties page num. String call you’ll have to do it again Returns: For possible values see setCertificationLevel int. The sdd made signature dictionary. Value of property signatureEvent.


A new signature field name. The field can already be presented in the document but shall not be signed.

If the field is not presented in the document, it will be created. The key is a PdfName and the value an Integer.

The general sequence is: The InputStream of bytes to be signed. The underlying source Throws: This method is existng used for Certifying signatures. This method is only used for signatures that lock fields. PdfSigner public class PdfSigner extends Object Takes care of the cryptographic options and appearances that form a signature.

CryptoStandard Enum containing the Cryptographic Standards.

Fillable PDF, making a PDF interactive iText Developers

Adds keys to the rield dictionary that define the certification level and the permissions. Add a PdfSigner instance. Uses a ByteArrayOutputStream instead of a temporary file. Provides access to a signature appearance object. Use it to customize the appearance of the signature. String call you’ll have to do it again. Returns the document’s certification level.


Returns the user made signature dictionary. Sets the name indicating the field to be signed. Setter for the field lock dictionary. This method closes the underlying pdf document.

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This means, that current instance of PdfSigner cannot be used after this method call. Sign the document using an external container, usually a PKCS7. The signature is fully composed externally, iText will just put the container inside the document.

The document is closed at the end. This is the first method to be called when using external signatures. Gets the document bytes that are hashable when using external signatures. Fieldd is the last method to be called when using external signatures. Adds keys to the signature dictionary that define the field permissions. ISignatureEvent An interface to retrieve the tp dictionary for modification.

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