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AS/NZS ISO/IEC This Joint Australian/New Zealand Standard was prepared by Joint Technical. Committee IT, Software and. A Guide for the application of ISO/IEC System Life Cycle Processes. Dr. Jerry Lake. Project Editor of ISO/IEC I NTRODUCTION The ISO/IEC system life cycle processes As shown in Figure 9 [ISO/IEC ], an individual organization in a.

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Syntell can explain the standard to your enterprise in non-technical everyday language so that you can better understand the standard and more effectively implement and use it. In addition to consulting iao, Syntell can offer a set of templates and checklists that support life cycle processes per the standard.

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These templates and checklists are available for sale to the public. To review your needs, send us an e-mail to strandberg syntell.


Syntell works closely with some of the leading authorities involved in the development of the standard. Below a short presentation of some partners in our network.

Ken Crowder Ken Crowder. Lawson is available for consulting, as well as educational and training services, including seminars and courses.

He can be reached by e-mail at bud lawson. Under his leadership, the maturity index of the draft standard progressed from 2.

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Magee has over 42 years experience in the software world; 34 years working for the Boeing Company. This company specializes in providing software engineering standards expertise to both corporate and government organizations. Magee has written three books concerning software engineering standards, as well as technical reports and articles on this subject. He may be contacted at stanmagee smartwire. Crowder has over 45 years experience in the world of systems engineering, working for major international and U.

Consultants for ISO/IEC system engineering processes

He serves as a consultant in software engineering, systems engineering, product development, and program management and also offers courses in each of these areas. Crowder at kvcrowder aol. In this role he made major contributions in establishing the powerful concepts and principles upon which the international standard is based. Lawson was also the head of the Swedish 91760 to WG 7.


He has been active in the fields of computing since and systems engineering sincewith broad international experience in the private and public sectors as well as in academic environments.

He recently published a book entitled: Home Free Presentations Contact us. PO Box 22, 55 Stockholm, Sweden.

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