iPhone SDK Development (The Pragmatic Programmers) [Bill Dudney, Christopher Adamson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Packing. iOS SDK Development is the second edition of the bestselling iPhone SDK Development, completely rewritten from the ground up to cover iOS 5’s new features. By Bill Dudney, Chris Adamson iPhone SDK Development is a Pragmatic guide to get you started developing applications for iPhone and iPod touch. With it.

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Yours can be one of them. Being a successful iOS developer means chros laser-like focus on the details that are specific to your app.

Chris and Bill are excellent teachers, and that really comes through in these pages. Never have I read an iOS book that so thoroughly guides the reader through the development cycle of an iOS app.


I recommend this book to anyone learning the iOS platform.

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In short, this is one of the best iOS books I have read. It might require some outside homework for someone totally new to programming, but most people coming to iOS will be existing developers like me that are getting sick of PHP and. Chris Adamson is a writer, editor, and independent developer specializing in media software development for iOS.

Bill Dudney is a husband, father, coder, and teacher. When he is not writing books or teaching people about iOS, he likes to ski and hike in the high country of Summit County, Colorado.

iOS SDK Development by Chris Adamson and Bill Dudney | The Pragmatic Bookshelf

You can connect with him on Twitter at bdudney. Skip to main content. By professional developers for professional developers.

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Customer Reviews Being a successful iOS developer means maintaining laser-like focus on the details that are specific to your app. About this Title Pages: Making apps that are internationalizable, testable, multi-core-capable, and that use less memory. Developing user interfaces with Auto Layout that take advantage of the extra screen space on the iPhone 5.

Creating and using unit tests to ensure your app continues to work as intended even as the codebase evolves. Source code Errata Releases.

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