The Hitzinger Hz Ground Power Units (GPU’s) and Ground support equipment, are amongst the most cost effective and environmental friendly units in the. Hitzinger manufactures power supply systems for airport equipment, Hitzinger has provided reliable and well-designed ground power units for a large number. At GSE Suppliers we aim to provide the most updated web site, worldwide, regarding GSE Equipment. Our web site is specially designed to assist to find all .

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With nearly 70 years of experience in tailored power supplies, Hitzinger is a market leader in the provision of alternators, gensets, converters, UPS systems and aircraft ground power supplies.

Founded in by Walter Hitzinger and Hans Schaeke with the goal of specialising in the manufacture of rotary alternators for the re-building of train networks during the World War II, Hitzinger GmbH has since extended its product range to include other sectors of rotary equipment such as rotary diesel UPS, diesel gensets, frequency converters and airport ground power. Based in Linz, Austria, where approximately employees work across three production plants and five production lines, the company strives to deliver innovations through the continuous further hitzinyer of its core competencies.

The three main markets for our alternator business are hydropower, up to four MW, traction alternators for rail applications and auxiliary power supplies for ships; this part of the business takes up approximately 30 per cent of our overall turnover. This is a niche market in the industry as the frequency is completely different to the main frequency of the power supply. With the D Power, Hitzinger presents its customers with a new brand of ground power supply for their aircraft during the flight preparation phase.


Benefits of choosing D Power include increased efficiency, total cost of ownership reduction and user friendliness.

Moreover, it is characterised by optimised economy and increased efficiency, offers low maintenance and is extremely easy to service and operate, making optimum power a guarantee. The little sister of the D Power is Jet Power; offering the same benefits of D Power, the Jet Power is also focused on achieving the lowest fuel consumption and sound level and achieves impressive compactness through an appealing design and ergonomically arranged control panels.

Last but by no means least is MIL Power. Boasting robustness and longevity, as well as the lowest fuel consumption and jet fuel compatibility, MIL Power also offers suitability with optimum dimensions, low weight, a low sound level and an innovative EMC concept. In addition to alternators and GPUs, the company also creates UPS systems for data centres or industrial companies that need emergency power in case of a failure in power supply.

JET POWER | Hitzinger

As a customer-orientated organisation with a firm belief hizinger innovative concepts and designs are at the core of all company developments, Hitzinger focuses on finding bespoke solutions that are specific to the challenges of its customers.

To do this, the company has a team of highly experienced and well-qualified engineers and designers that are dedicated to creating solutions that merge maximum efficiency with optimum flexibility. Indeed, gu continuously finding ways to increase the efficiency of its alternators and convertors, while also optimising the amount of fuel consumed by its ground power supplies, Hitzinger remains a pioneer in meeting the needs of those within its customer base while also keeping pace with market trends and demands.


Because of this, we tend to focus on efficiency and total cost of ownership as well as low diesel fuel and low power loss; these are our strengths. These strengths have not gone unnoticed in the market, with Hitzinger gaining contracts with major blue chip organisations such as the British Navy, as Werner highlights: Meanwhile, a second contract with Hitzinger involves the provision of voltage converters that will ensure increased power on the Frigates.

Hitzinger GmbH

Moving forward, Hitzinger aims to increase turnover over the next five years, with growth expected especially within its UPS systems product range. To do this we want to increase the electrical power for each individual machine; we currently have kVA but would like to move up to kVA or even more.

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