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In the overrun mode shown in the drawings below, the relative rotation between the housed clutch and the shaft causes the rollers to move away from their locking position against the locking ramps in the drawn cup. The basic types of clutches and clutch and bearing assemblies are listed below: New applications should gwity tested under expected operating conditions to determine whether or not temperature problems exist.

For general information regarding lubrication of drawn cup bearings refer to page E Never press the bearing tightly against a shoulder in the housing.


When using adhesives, care must be taken to keep the adhesive caloqe of the clutches and bearings. Inch-metric conversions given are for the convenience of the user. When ordering, please specify if lubrication groove and hole are desired. The controlling dimensions are in inches for nominal inch inner rings.

The unit is pressed into the bore of a gear hub or pulley hub, or housing of the proper size, and no shoulders, splines, keys, screws or snap rings are required.

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The more compact series with the smaller rollers offers optimum performance with minimum feasible outside diameter for a given shaft size.

Symbol denotes Torrington Basic Dynamic Load Rating to be used in load-life calculations taking into consideration the application guidelines and limitations given in this catalog.


Grease lubrication or improper fitup housing bore and shaft diameter may increase backlash. Adhesives will not provide proper support in oversized metallic housings. Load ratings are given in pounds-force: The inner rings are designed to be wider than the calowr drawn cup bearing. Applications involving loads approaching this rating or the tabulated working load, whichever is the smaller, should be referred to the Torrington Engineering Sales Office before a final selection is made.

See pages E for discussion of shaft and housing design. Opposite 15, in the nominal bore diameter column for metric series bearings in Table 5, will be found the following information: To remove a gwijty cup bearing from a through-bored housing, use a tool similar to the installation tool illustrated, but without the stop. For suggested methods of removing bearings from blind and shouldered bores, consult the Torrington Engineering Sales Office personnel.


Shaft raceway and housing bore diameters necessary for proper mounting and operation are listed on the opposite page. Angular displacement between the shaft and housing increases as an applied torque load is increased. Internal Clearances and Fits. For this reason, it is incorrect to inspect an unmounted drawn cup bearing by measuring the o. Published on Apr View 83 Download 1.

It may be through hardened, or it may be case hardened, with an effective case depth of 0. Mounting dimensions are based on the inner ring rotating and the outer ring being stationary relative to the load.

If a tight transition fit must be used to keep the inner ring calose rotating relative to the shaft, the inner ring o. See page for further discussion of mounting fits. Never hammer the bearing into its housing even in conjunction with the proper assembly mandrel. In case the o. The sketches on callwe pages illustrate some of the many possible uses. Therefore the correct ring and plug gauge dimensions are: Manufacturing Tolerances and Built-in ClearancesManufacturing tolerance for bearing 0.


Naprawa i ochrona betonu.

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In production operations using closer tolerances on shaft and housing, they will assemble with consistently lower radial internal clearances than can be expected with the precision series bearings. Drawn cup needle roller bearings with the same radial section as the clutch should be used in the through bored housings for simplicity and economy. Extraprecision bearings are suitable for those applications requiring close control of radial play and eccentricity.

The housing bore should be round within one-half of the diameter tolerance. If the operating temperature must be outside of the above range or if the seals are exposed to unusual fluids please consult the Torrington Engineering Department.

The nominal bore diameter for this bearing, as shown in the table of dimensions on pageis 15 mm. Gwnity Ratings are based on a minimum raceway hardness of 58 HRC or equivalent. Therefore, before any clutch selection is made, it is important that the following catalog section be carefully studied to understand the effects of these factors.

Precisely formed interior ramps provide surfaces against which the rollers wedge to positively lock the clutch with the shaft when rotated in the proper direction. Details of shaft ggwinty for sealed bearings are given in the Engineering section of this catalog.

We are a typically engineering company which is preferring technical rather than only purely commercial aspects of the marketing process of Loctite products.

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