Doctor Atl, pseudonym of Gerardo Murillo, (born October 3, , Guadalajara, Mexico—died August 15, , Mexico City), painter and writer who was one of. Gerardo Murillo Cornadó (Guadalajara – Mexico City ), also known as Dr. Atl (Atl in Nahuatl means water). A Mexican painter and. Gerardo Murillo (Dr. Atl) is a well-known Mexican painter, printmaker, writer, theorist and politician. Dr. Atl adopted his pseudonym in exchange for his given.

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Atl Gerardo Murillo Mexican, — Often portraying volcanoes in the Mexican landscape, Murillo sought to achieve a style that conveyed his interest in both indigenous art and modern expression. Born Gerardo Murillo Cornado on October 2, in Guadalajara, Mexico, gerarfo began using the pseudonym Atl the Azetc word for water as gerarrdo young man, to distance himself from his Spanish heritage.


He studied in Europe under a scholarship from the government, before returning to Mexico during the revolution in Murillo became an active member in the muralist movement alongside Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros. Over the decades that followed, Murillo published a number of books on folk art and continued to produce landscape paintings.

He died on August 15, in Mexico City, Mexico. Atl Gerardo Murillo results. December 6, Auction Closed.

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Dr. Atl and the revolution in Mexico’s art

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