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We are having an issue with our Enpac data collectors. During some data collection activities, we are seeing identical 16 decimal places in the database overall vibration amplitudes from different monitoring positions on the same component pump, motor, gearbox. The collection specification uses a Fmax of cpm and a cpm 5. The overall measurement is analog, from the HP filter to the upper limit of the data collector 40 kHz.

More than half of our documented occurrences share the same data collector, but we have evidence of the problem with at least 4 different data collectors. This appears epac be occurring at low amplitudes less than 0.

The last time we spoke with the vendor, they indicated that this has never been reported before.

Have your ever seen this? Hi Steve, I have a A epac been using it for over a year. No – no such problems that I’ve been aware of – I did a quick scan on my amplitude measurement and I have some 6 deci place measurements but nothing approaching your What are Rockwell going to do about it?


Are you on Esafe? Don’t settle for “we don’t know”. A thought – are you running on a single user license – if so the one computer. Could the computer be worth checking? Like Reply 0 Likes.

What sensor do you use and that your settning time? I have seen this problem and workt around it. Mike, Thanks for the input. We do have Esafe and are still pursing the problem with Entek Rockwell. We have a MS Access guru in our group who 1200 able to query the raw data 16 decimal points. Do you know what firmware and hardware revision your Enpac has?

We are on firmware rev 2. Monitor Man – We use entek A and accelerometers. In the enpac, we have the Autoranging enpsc as Conservative and the Machine Speed setting as Normal.

Thanks again for the input.

Not sure about hardware rev – where do you find this? Use a Accel. Auto ranging aggressive and machine speed normal. On our enpacs, the hardware revision is shown on a sticker on the back of the collector below the battery access door.

Is the a Wilcoxon accelerometer? Thanks Steve enpqc and so obvious Mines a T. The were IRD accelerometers – very nice and light and small.

Rockwell Automation

You can get them through Rockwell. I wnpac a couple of magnetic rails that I use. Originally posted by Monitor man: So in you case 0. In config you should have that option. The configuration setting on our Enpacs are somewhat different than yours, we don’t have settling time as an option. Here’s a sample from the Version 2. I would really like to find a solution that doesn’t involve using a different accelerometer. Steve, I have the Right between your machinery speed and memory options I have the ability to set the settling time.


I have firmware version 1. It was compiled in July, ‘ Perhaps you need to do what Bill Gates advises, reload the firmware and reboot Dave.

Dave, Sorry, no dice! I reloaded the v2. Sounds like I’ll be talking with Rockwell tomorrow.

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