I have now been looking for about two weeks for a set of plans for one of these. I won’t be carving mando tops or backs, just making some quite. Homemade router-powered duplicarver constructed from wood and steel. Our Model T Dupli-CarverĀ® is designed to fill the needs of a hobbyist or craftsman with the same accuracy and versatility of our professional models.

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I was giong to buy them, planss wanted to know if anyone else had any other sets of plans with different building structure and what not to them, i like to get my hands on as many plans as possible and combine them to make the ultimate machine, perhaps this time however that just wont work.

Small scale Duplicarver plans Michael, the search function over there is pretty bad. I did a search on them. The carriage slides forward and back to allow you to carve the entire 30″ length without remounting the work piece.

Take a close look at our specifications and construction.

Homemade Duplicarver

And at two grand, you’d have to make a lot of things, and sell them, to get your money back. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. Cant see the harm in discussing it. Euplicarver and when I build it I would share pics, if someone wanted my scribbled plans they could have them.

Small scale Duplicarver plans

Some guy has put a lot of work into thinking of an idea and following it through, then making it available, photographing, documenting, demonstrating, advising Or any other gunstock. Results 1 to 10 of I’ve ordered one of these. Posted April 12, I’m interested in possibly carving flintlock stocks. Some parts are still available for repairs.


Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The carriage consists of a set of tubes that slide through the table legs and cross members that support the work pieces in a horizontal position. Carving machines were first developed in the late s to free the skilled carvers from the repetition duplocarver duplicating original works in furniture, moldings, and door panels.

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Not to mention, springs are way more compact and lightweight than weights on levers. Figurines such as decoys, busts, signs and plaques are also easy to carve.

The dimensions 44x36x14 have no significance to anyone but yourself. Well, got the plans.

F DupliCarver | Terrco inc

Unfortunately, I have to cool my heels for the 30 week back log! That is a pretty big understatement. Although there are several lifetimes worth of knowledge over there, I don’t like being on their site at all. No tool will ever be able to replace the abilities of a “master carver”, but when used properly, this tool can be as much help to him as his knives and gouges. These machines allowed the less skilled to make precise duplicates with speed.

If you’re drawing it out for yourself, then go ahead, but I wouldn’t bother brainstorming if you’re trying to draw plans to give away.

The T comes with 4 du;licarver bits, 4 styli, all assembly hardware, Operator’s and Assembly Manual. I’ll try it again.

The truth is, if you’re trying to save some space, counterballancing the router with some springs duplciarver tilting the whole table on a 45 degree angle will halve the floorspace it takes up.


The upper arm is balanced with an adjustable counterweight chamber. The Ta Spindle Carver expands the capabilities of the T to 30″ long by 8″ in diameter.

Your first pieces will be carvings you will keep for a lifetime. A duplicarver is something that has a standard design but can and should be tweaked in terms of dimensions and parts i.

Their recommended burrs just create more smoke than material removal. Drawer fronts can be udplicarver exactly from one piece to another. Another advantage of springs over weights is that you can more easily tilt the table on an angle to conserve space without hindering usability.

I could see the whole thing as 44x36x14 inches. All times are GMT In the plans he says you can make them, but i also say guitarfrenzy say he bought his at terrco but i couldnt find them on the site.

We think you’ll agree that it’s a solid machine and a solid investment. So no one has the duplicaver plans? Originally Posted by woodie26 View Post. Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. Can you post a picture or two?

Is “duplicarver” the same as the CopyCarver? I built it duplocarver than specified so that I could accomodate carving the top of an inch wide arch top. Originally Posted by mattt View Post. I have searched Duplicarver, pantograph carver, and your version, pattern carver, and just come up with obscure posts.

In that case does anyone have the boughten plans they would send me?

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