First published in , ‘Poetic Diction: A study in Meaning’ presents not merely a Praise for Owen Barfield: “A prolific and interesting thinker” – Times Literary. Title, Poetic Diction: A Study in Meaning. Author, Owen Barfield. Edition, 2. Publisher, Faber & Faber, Length, pages. Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote. Returning always to this personal experience of poetry, Owen Barfield at the same time seeks objective standards of criticism and a theory of poetic diction in .

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For the promise of growth, I will write. Jonson and Ingenium, Exercitatio, Imitatio, and Lectio 5: Abrams’s Mirror and the Lamp ; Bodkin; Fiedler The central concept rings true.

Poetic Diction: A Study in Meaning – Owen Barfield – Google Books

In Barfield’s lexicon, there is an “unrepresented” underlying base of reality that is extra-mental. It is as if he spoke your language but mispronounced it. He jabs at misused elements of the form such as bad metaphors, cliche, and the too-vague-to-have-any-meaning as well as the poets who employ their poor usage.

Visiting Owen Barfield”, ;oetic From that point of view, Tennyson’s analogy implies that Barfield was much greater than Steiner.

Without notes, he talks just over my head and I can tell it’s probably brilliant, but I can’t quite make out why. I came away from reading it with a greater appreciation for the role of the poet in expanding language and meaning. Yes indeed, Barfield attempts all that, nor am I ambitious enough to summarize the theory of poetry that he takes pages to unfold. Wesleyan University Press Amazon.

Barfield gives some evidence of 1 and thinks he’s proved 2. Well, let me take a step back. Because this field of literary studies is a relatively new field for me, I’m not sure how much I agree with his ideas they all seemed to be pretty good ideas when I read it; but the first person to speak always sounds right until the second begins to speakbut they definitely provoked me to reflect on this more.


Interested to communicate with anyone else reading this book? Thereafter he had many guest appointments as Visiting Professor in North America. His ambition is to set us free. Jul 08, Norman Styers rated it it was amazing. Overall, this was a thought-provoking book with a lot of intriguing theories. Poetic Diction a Study in Meaning Snippet view – I know that there is more in this book than I got out of viction. Jung and myths Compare Barfield’s descriptions of how poetic language degenerates over time to creationists assertions of genetic degeneration.

Read this book because of Inklings J. A Study of Owen Barfield SteinerBooks,Albert Linderman presents Barfield’s work in light of recent societal examples and scholarship while writing for an audience less familiar with philosophical categories and history.

He shows how the imagination of the poet creates new meaning, and how this same process has been active, throughout human experience, to create and continuously expand language.

This was an interesting, though highly dry book.

Poetic Diction: A Study in Meaning

I understand the emotions, but he’s just taken things too far. There are no words left to express his staggerment, since Men changed the language that they learned of elves diciton the days when all was wonderful. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.

To see what your friends thought barfisld this book, please sign up. I suspect it will take at least one more reading before it really sinks in. I had just completed barfiekd on the plane ride over to visit with them and I was quite pleased with myself.


His work is hard, but he shared the interests and values of the other Inklings and that gives me a little something. The ideas have great appeal.

Applying Barfield’s logic to the actual fossil record rather than the linguistic fossil recordwe would expect the essence of life to keep the “essence” tangible, let’s call it DNA shall we Man and Meaningco-produced and written by G. Thereafter he had many guest appointments as Visiting Professor in North America. I should also not that I came to “Poetic Diction” out of my general interest in the Inklings and a desire to get a solid “feel” for how Barfield’s though fit’s within their conversation.

It will probably take the rest of my life to understand this book, not because Barfield doesn’t write clearly or logically but because his intellect is so giant. Ralph Wood’s Oxford Christians course at Baylor This was definitely new territory for me.

For example, Barfield’s ideas about metaphor seem to me very similar to Dreyfus’ account of Heidegger’s own work: He unveils the glory and leads in the way of obtaining it. Lewis was a good friend of Barfield sinceand termed Barfield “the best and wisest of my unofficial teachers”. In a way it is like empathizing with a grieving father who advocates revenge killing the accused murderer of his child.

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