Code snippet of rasterizing PDF in using easyPDF SDK. Use the clipboard to rasterize and/or resize a PDF file. This allows However, when I tried to use this text in the OnClick event of an I am running this on an website running in Medium Trust in the Rackspace Mosso Cloud. I have yet to find a library that will either.

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The first question you may ask is “Why would you ever want to use the server’s clipboard to do anything?

I came across this problem when I was trying to write a PDF parser that would rasterize the front page and save it into a Bitmap object. From here, you can save asp.nef to a file, database, etc. Unfortunately, they do not have a function that allows you to simply save asp.nft a file.

They do, however, let you copy the image to the clipboard and then recover it in whatever format you want.

I found some great code by Jonathan Hodgson here: NET Windows app, and works great if rassterize that way. NET Button control, I found that nothing was happening. However, when the Clipboard. GetObject method was called, it was always returning null. After much digging and two days of work, I stumbled on the reason: So, here is what I did to work around this:.

I do not recommend doing this in a multi-user environment as there is no guarantee that the user that copied to the clipboard will be the one who retrieves from it. hope this is of some use to someone. Feel free to respond, and let me know if it helped you out or if you have any questions. This article was posted first on the telerik forums. This article has no explicit license attached to it but may contain usage terms in the article text or the download files themselves.

If in doubt please contact the author via the discussion board below. Articles Quick Answers Messages. Oleg Fridman20 Sep Please Sign up or sign in to vote. This allows you to also save it for use as a JPG. Background The first question you may ask is “Why would you ever want to use the server’s clipboard to do anything?


Problem I found some great code by Jonathan Hodgson here: Solution After much digging and two days of work, I stumbled on the reason: So, here is raxterize I did to work around this: If you use global radterize, the Bitmap you populate here can be used elsewhere in your code.

History This article was posted first on the telerik forums. A list licenses authors might use can be found here. Virtualization for System Programmers. First Prev Next How it works on windows abdulqadar Aug Manish Langa Jul Manish Langa Jul 2: Komal Bhatia Mar Oleg Fridman Jan 4: Ajay Singh Oct 2: Oleg Fridman Oct Oleg Fridman Nov 3: Oleg Fridman Rsterize Article Alternatives Comments 18 Add your own alternative version Tagged as.

How it works on windows abdulqadar Aug Can u guide how it works fine with u. Join and upload to server than error will comes like service not avalable please help me. Really Helpfull Komal Bhatia Mar This topic helped me a lot while copying data to clipboard Thanks A lot Komal Bhatia. Help to tune the settings 3-Apr 6: Your sample is working when I am debugging in VS But isn’t working when I’m deploying site on IIS and try http: PDDoc” Please suggest what settings I need to set.

I’ve the same problem Unfounds Jan 4: With your article I resolved my problem. I’ve the same problem Oleg Fridman Jan 4: I’ve the same problem shin Jun Rastreize work in Win server with IIS6. This sample is not working on a machine with win server and IIS6.

Conservative Rasterization – Windows applications | Microsoft Docs

In all other OS it is working fine. Can anyone help me in this problem. Thanks for your interest in this code. Try this for me: Rastrrize a break in the code right before the “Clipboard. GetDataObject ;” line but after the pdfPage. CopyToClipboard pdfRect, 0, 0, ; line.

Now, when the hits, open up Paint on the server or even Clipboard viewerand see if there is anything there. If there is, what type is it? Also, are you sure you are running the line “Clipboard. I have heard of problems with multiple items in the clipboard if it is not cleared every time. I was not able to find much online about this error Give those two things a shot and let me know. Hello, In a different thread another person had the same problem.


When we run rasterzie code on win server machine which rasterie running with IIS6. The main problem is we find out is tasterize the introduction of new application pool concept in IIS6. If we change the worker process isolation mode in IIS6. We are not able to find the solution for this. To change the isolation mode in IIS 6. Here the link to find the step for this one http: Please note the problem he saw with SQL server.

Hello, I try to change the isolation mode in IIS 6.

8 packages returned for Tags:”rasterize”

I think you have a configuration issue. I would google setting up and configuring a new worker process for your application.

I have all of my websites running in seperate processes so I know this is not a problem. Leonard, You are correct. This was right on the mark Thank you Oleg for sharing what you discovered.

I also attempted to build off of the Jonathan Hodgson article. After watching the memory of the server trical and the cpu take a nose dive, I decided to rewrite it with a command line arg and do one file at a time, or as uploaded from staff using the Intranet.

Now I was hit with a thing which I could not get around without giving elevated access which I will asp.nef to at all cost. I even tried to recompile as a class dll, which was unfamiliar territory for me I would be forever grateful if you could give more detail as to how you tackled the thumbnail generation portion from within the asp.

Only one person will be uploading the image so the multi user issue will rasteriize affect my current page. I will be glad to try. Please note that the code below uses telerik’s radUpload control.

You will need to tweak the part that gets the filename and saves the uploaded file to fit whatever control you use. The functions themselves are pretty simillar to those posted in the article from which this derived. I made tweaks to fit my needs. Hope this helps, Oleg Fridman.

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