Prezentare Alberto Villoldo, a classically trained medical anthropologist, has studied shamanic healing techniques among the descendants of the ancient Inkas. El Presidente. Manual Para Electores y Elegidos / The President. a Manual for Voters and the People They Elect: El Prancipe En El Tiempo de Las Urnas. Yoga, Power & Spirit: Patanjali the Shaman, Paperback – Alberto Villoldo – – The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is the classic Hindu text on the spiritual practice o.

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Villoldo was born in Cuba, where he was exposed to Afro-Indian healing traditions villolddo an early age. While pursuing his doctoral studies in psychology and medical anthoropology, he traveled throughout the South West, the Amazon, and the Andes researching Native America healing methods.


He later directed the Biological Self-Regualtion Labortory at San Francisco State University, where he investigated mind-body medicine and the neuro-physiology of healing. He founded and directs the Energy Medicine School at The Four Winds Society, and teaches energy medicine to thousands of nurses, physicians, ps.

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